1. Who does your hair?
I do.

2.  What does Whaleherdienda mean? 
Whaleherdienda is the conceptual home of the Whaleherds, as well as all of those we love. Whaleherd comes from a combo of our last names 'Word' and 'Hale'. I'm just glad I didn't marry someone named 'Tale'. The Chronicles are a retelling of our adventures through our very cracked lens of humor (or occasional lack thereof).

3.  Where are you currently living? 
Not really sure.  Mostly likely the sign identifying the location was used for firewood, but we're closer to Timbuktu than LA.  We could probably hit Mt. Kilimanjaro with fully primed potato gun.

4. Is it safe to go to Africa?
According to the CDC the leading cause of death in the US is cardiovascular disease, but many Africans don't live long enough to acquire this disease...therefore, yes, it is safe.

5. What will the kids do for school?
Open the door and walk outside. When that gets old, we'll start counting army ants and then learn how to calculate the concentration of antivenin solutions.

6. Are you nuts?
Yes. Crazy. Weird, too. But everyone knew that before I wanted to go to Africa.  We've done our part for Austin, now we're moving on to an entire continent. Keep Africa Weird.

7. What are you going to be doing?
Spreading our evil western ideals at the University level. Of course, the whole 'University' concept is western (or evil according to my students), so they are probably conditioned to it by now....

8. Aren't you scared of getting a terrible mosquito borne illness while in Africa?
Well, I already got one of those (West NileVirus) here in the states, so now, I'm off to locate the motherload. That little mosquito burst my bubble and I'm enjoying the fresh air.

9. What are you packing?
Safety nail clippers, fly swatter, car seats, bike helmets, bubble wrap, Rudy's BBQ sause and some old Colonel Sander's wet wipes.

10. What do you eat?
Doesn't matter as long as it stops moving long enough to douse with BBQ sause.

11.  What is Tom going to do?  
Sew prairie dresses and bonnets as he homeschools the kids; gig with the Swahili Symphony and Maasai Chamber Players; keep me appropriately tethered to reality.