WH Chronicle No. 1.13

Oct 17, 2010

Bon Voyage to Jerry, as he embarks on a 30 hour trek back to Lubbock, TX.    We are sad to see him leave, and I think Tom secretly (but not THAT secretly) wanted to go with him.  

We had such an incredible time on safari. Here are a few snap shots of the adventure:

Our tent is complete with four poster beds, bureau, flushing toilet and hot shower.  Big upgrade from the $1 tent we had at Ghost Ranch!

Lion armpit.  He was all but in the car with us....

Maasai Giraffe
Science fiction ain't got nothing on this bizarre creature!
 The Maasai are nomadic shepherds.
Large baobabs--older than the sequoias. Some might be older than the Pyramids of Giza.
Elephants ripped out a hole in this baobab. 
 Ngorongoro Crater Rim. 
Two Maasai ladies dressed up for the celebration.

While on safari, we noticed weaver bird nests littering the acacia trees and were amused by the guide book description: 
"It is fascinating to watch a male weaver work.  First, a nest site is chosen, usually at then end of a thin hanging branch, which is stripped of leaves to protect against snakes.  The weaver carries building materials back and forth to the site, blade by blade in its beak, using a few think strands to create the skeletal framework, then completing the structure by interweaving thinner blades.  Once complete, the nest is inspected by the female, who will tear it apart if the result is unsatisfactory."  

Tom didn't laugh as much as I did. 

Big News:  Little Debbie is brooding.  21 days and we should have some baby chicks.  

Lions, leopards and warthogs, oh, my...

Anonymous –   – (October 17, 2010 at 7:13 PM)  

OH MY GOSH those kids! Tell Daryl I'm jealous of her braids, Tell Sam he looks like a grown up.
Hope you're using lots of bug spray and double mosquito nets.

Love you and miss you all, you're adventure sounds amazing, let me know when you need a babysitter :)

School is not the same with out you in your office for me to come whine to.
xo Emma

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