WH Chronicle No. 7.8.13

July 8, 2013

Things are different now.  Vacation bliss has evaporated revealing the ore of our summer mission.     

Today we strided through the glass doors of the Cleveland Clinic and mounted the medical gauntlet.   This facility more closely resembles an international airport than any hospital we’ve ever encountered.   Our departure began at Gate J-1 on Concourse “Heart”.  
This is just the main building.
Cool fountain from the main building.  Mr Limpet is parked behind the red building on the right. 

Tom checked in at 9am and never sat in any of the 6 waiting rooms longer than 10 minutes;  6 tests and 1 doctor all within 5 hours.   It was frighteningly efficient.  They are still searching for potential reasons that Tom might skew their near-perfect statistics for minimally invasive heart surgery.   So far, they have failed.  He is stilled scheduled for this new hi-tech procedure on Wednesday.

Mr. Limpet has kept us warm and dry during the monsoons occurring in Ohio.  He behaves extraordinarily well when stationary.  We were on the banks of Lake Erie for a couple of nights in a beautiful, lush setting, to watch fireworks, catch fireflys and play vacation in a park where ducks wander under our camper. 

Now, we are parked on the hospital tarmac in downtown Cleveland.  It sounds like Gotham City.   The constant whirring of sirens, honking horns, and helicopters, is a continual reminder of a very different reality for the rest of our summer.    

Everyone back home will be glad to know that we are also suffering the good will of some wonderful people here in Cleveland.  Long time friends, Dave & Deb, Rich & Julie, have come to our aid with kid care.  They have beautiful families and have extended their generosities of entertaining Daryl and Sam during a few of the  tedious days.   Though, the herd of kids tends to be a distraction hours on end, our kids have made it a habit of knowing Tom’s daily details.  They have refused to spend the night elsewhere and made it very clear that they see ‘Daddy’.   I feel for them with their occasional concern and wonder about each of our coping styles.

Which brings me to an examination of a personal weakness (just one for now)—‘suffering good will’.   It is a challenge.   I hear a small voice saying, “Just say ‘thank you’”; but basically,  I feel unworthy.  This might sound silly, but it’s honest.  I could name 100 causes that feel  [to me] more worthy of the incredible kindness we’ve received from our friends.  Just say, ‘thank you’.  But then it was Martha and Ken, that in an effort to assuage any guilt, kindly reminded me of a logical notion:  “There are certainly plenty of less worthy causes receiving support.” 

So for those of you who are looking for those causes:
Polar Bears with Cleft Palates (a.k.a. PoBeCleP Foundation)
More Boobs for Blondes (a.k.a. MoBloobs Charity)
Spray on Tans for Nigerian Nationals (a.k.a. Afri-tan R US)
Korean Dog Sweaters (a.k.a. Eat More Hot Dogs)
Endangered Pandemic Viruses Foundation (a.k.a. Save Ebola Foundation)
Nuclear Weapons for Underserved and Over-Zealous Nations (a.k.a. Holy Smoke)

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. 

Don, Tom’s brother, flies in tonight.  Tom will be admitted tomorrow, and surgery on Wednesday.  Love and well wishes have been in abundance from all over the US and from places as far away as Kazakhstan, Norway, and Tanzania.   Thank you.  You all are an inspiration to continue to striving to become a better person.

“If you haven’t charity in your heart, then you have the worst type of heart trouble.”
Bob Hope

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”
Saint Francis of Assisi


Last day in St. Louis

Top of the Arch

Flooding Mississippi.  That's the tip of the Lewis and Clark Monument.

Thomas Edison Museum in Ohio

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