WHC 11.7.16

November 7, 2016

Dear Family, Friends, and Loved Ones,

Some of you are aware of the tragedy that occurred in Tanzania last week with regards to the Stubbs Family.  The Stubbs' adopted daughter, Julianna, was assaulted and murdered by unknown assailants while on the way to a friend's house.  It has left everyone who knows that wonderful family in despair.  But, maybe, from this despair, something good can arise. 

Here is a letter from Randy Stubbs' mother: 

As a mother with her firstborn half way around the world and her grandchildren thousands of miles away, it is painful not to be present to love, support and hug them during this very trying time.  Even though your children are mature adults, the need to give a mother's comfort is very real and present.

In the many sleepless nights since Juliana's death, I have pondered what I can do that would make a difference.  I could hop a plane and be with my family.  But it came to me in the night that perhaps there is more  I could do.  I can't lift the burden and sadness of the tragedy in my family, but I could lift another burden from my son's shoulders--the final $200,000 needed before February 2017 to complete the Cultural Arts Center which was instrumental in Juliana being able to live her dream as well as support herself and her family.  

I am issuing a challenge to the hundreds of his supporters and friends of my Tanzanian family, to make a tax deductible donation to the Cultural Arts Center equal to the price of a round-trip ticket to Tanzania to hug and comfort this family.  For me, it is approximately $2000 for that ticket.  I am making a contribution today, in memory of Juliana Isawafo, the poster child for all that is good in Tanzania.  Check payable to:  ELCA Global Gifts, on memo line (IMPORTANT) GMG0849 Makumira Music Bldg Project.  Mail to:  ELCA Gift Processing Center, P O Box 1809, Merrifield VA 22116-8009.  It is tax deductible. It would also be helpful to email: manager@cac.makumira.ac.tz, so they can find it in the accounting records.  Randy has less than 90 days to raise the funds to complete the building project.  I'd rather he be allowed this time to grieve, with the rest of his family, the loss of his Tanzanian daughter.  Thank you.

Randy Stubbs' Mother
Charon Scott-Goldman
12513 SW Cove Road
Vashon WA 98070

 As you may know, Randy Stubbs has been working tirelessly for years on this Cultural Arts Center to save the endangered indigenous cultural heritage of Tanzania.  The socio-economic, cultural, and historical impact it could have on this region is immense; to the point that the European Union Development Commission was a major donor to the project.  Tom and I consider this a chance to counteract some of the sadness in the world.  I hope you will consider it, too. 

With much love,
Daris and Tom  

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